Bulu Box Review (July 2014)

Hello friends, I’m back with a new review, and a new subscription box too! Last month I found a great deal on Gilt City to try a 3 month subscription to Bulu Box for $15 (regular price is $30). Bulu Box serves up healthy snacks, natural products and weight loss products monthly. You get to choose what you are interested in when you sign up, and I chose basic Bulu Box versus the weight loss box. On to the review!

The Bulu Box is small, orange and has great inspirational sayings on the cover. Like most subscription boxes, Bulu also includes a few cards on the product and the theme of the month.



First item in the box was Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips in Barbecue flavor. These were really good! They were thick like Doritos, but a healthy version 🙂 My husband and I ate the whole bag and looked for more!


Retail Value: $3.00

Next up was a mini protein bar by Power Crunch.The flavor is vanilla creme and I haven’t tried it yet, but am optimistic 🙂


Retail Value: $1.79

The next item in the box was an herbal sleep aid by bioterra herbs. I am fortunate to not have any trouble sleeping, so I shared these with a friend who sometimes suffers from insomnia.


Retail Value: $7.00

I had just heard about the next product before I received this box. This is Wounds by Puracyn and it’s a cool product to treat and clean wounds.


Retail Value: $25.00

Next up were samples of herbal teas for use during diets and menopause. I’m not sure if I’ll use these, but it is an interesting concept.


Retail Value: $0

The last item in the box was Chike high protein coffee mix. This has protein and espresso! I’m really curious to try this, by wary because most of these mixes are really powdery tasting, so I’ll likely blend it with ice and milk. Can’t wait!


Retail Value: $1.50

Overall, the Bulu Box had a great selection of products. I paid $15 for 3 months, which averages to $5 per box. Based on my calculations this box was worth $38.29, score! The priciest items were the non-food products (wounds and bioterra sleep). This was an interesting box and recommended if you like a variety of products tp try every month.

Overall: 3.5/5


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